Thursday, November 16, 2006

The highlight of my evening was the Barbara Walter's Special 30 Mistakes in 30 Years. It was a countdown of interviews she had with celebrities. I know...get a life right, well what do you expect. If you are a frequent reader you are aware of my current situation.

Back to the program: I think it was #23 on her countdown and that mistake that she would never make again was Never bring up an x-husband when you are interviewing someone with their current husband. And there it was...a montage of Lucy and Desi in their better days. Young, successful and very much in love. Or at least it appeared that way. Then the scene went to Barbara with the current Lucy, a much older, bitter, firecracker Lucy, with her husband Gary Morton. Barbara brought up Desi...and Lucy called him a loser. She said that although he was powerful there was always something to lose. She said that Gary was sweet and that the only thing that Desi had going for him was that he was Cuba / good looking and could play a bongo drum. I have done my research on Lucy and Desi and I realize that there were ups and downs, but what summed everything up and played my heart strings is when Barbara said...It was clear to her that Lucy was still very much in love with Desi, but that fact that Gary was present or that Desi was dead she had to put up a front.

Some of the greatest loves end and I think that is why it got to me. What is Lucy if there is no Ricky?

I still love Lucy.
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