Sunday, November 05, 2006
The past four days could have lasted til the rest of my life. My step son LC flew in to Texas on Wednesday. His mom dropped him off with me on Thursday at work and my hunny got to see his son for the first time since July 17th of this year. It was such a great moment to see LC run to his daddy and give him a big hug and tell him that he missed him and that he loved him. It's been a long time since I have seen such a big smile on his face. He carred that smile the whole weekend. Our family was whole again. Everyday that LC was with us was filled with fun, laughs and lots of love. Here is the breakdown:

Thursday: LC is dropped off...sees his daddy, J&J my boss and other friends that have been waiting for his arrival. We left the office headed to moms, visited then left for McDonalds. There isn't a Micky D's where he lives so I wanted to make sure that he was treated to that. We went through the drive thru and went back to the house to eat and open one present early for his birthday. Then we headed to J &J's and hung out and played with the kiddos, then we headed back to my mom's house so that LC could see my lil sister. After that we went back home for some sleepy time and waited for daddy to get home from work.

Friday: Happy Birthday!!! It was his 6th birthday. We woke him up to open his birthday presents. He was really excited. I love watching his facial expressions as he opens his gifts. After we got out showers and got dressed we went to breakfast and met up with LC's mom. After breakfast we went to the Dallas World Aquarium and following that was Chuck E Cheese. He had a blast. We dropped his mom off when everything was over and arrived at J&J's for some homemade chocolate cake and chicken nuggets (his favorite meal) There were more presents to be opened and fun to be had. The end was near for the evening so we went home so that LC could play with some of his new toys before he went to bed.

Saturday: It came too quick!!! We ran some arrends, then went to see one was LC's friends that he hasn't seen since the summer. Later that day my Dad came to visit and see LC and drop off more birthday presents. During his visit LC's mom called and wanted us to meet her to drop him off. The mood quickly changed from happy to sad. We met her at a local eatery and we didn't want to let him go when we had our goodbye hugs. It is good to know that we will see him again very soon because they are planning to move back within a month. She was down here looking for houses and a job. She did find a job and has some bids on a few houses so this is for real.

When we left, we were looking for something to do because we both knew that we didnt want to sit home depressed with all his new toys around us. We called some people to see if anyone wanted to hang out, but they were eith out or they had plans already. So we made a night out of something that we haven't done in a while. We grabbed a bottle and played Uno til we were stupid. One of our calls did call back and came over to join us in a vicious game of Uno, Dominos and vodka shots. I was in bed by 11, after I got sick..(not a big drinker) and the hunny followed soon after.

Today: HUNGOVER!!! My husband left for work this afternoon feeling sluggish but is recooperating. I am too. So that's it...the best weekend ever. Now I am just counting the days til they move back. I cant wait to see him again and I already miss him even more than I did before. I can't believe that is possible!! TaTa for now.
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At 10:41 AM, Blogger courtneym said........
that makes me so happy and yet breaks my heart at the same time!! i'm just so happy that you and b got to see LC and that he will be back soon!! i know time will fly by for you guys!!