Tuesday, December 26, 2006
As promised soon than later I present to you my year in review. Just a warning, this has not been the best, but I thought it would be something to look back on down the road. Here goes:

1/21 - 1st Wedding Anniversary - we celebrated with R&C
1/31 - My 23rd birthday - dinner at home with my hunny

2/5: My hunny's 28th birthday
2/13: LC moves to NE

Depression has set in - crappy month need I say more. I become unhappy with my current employer and begin to look for a new job.

4/29: Road trip to Wichita, KS for my best friends wedding.

5/14: Camping trip to Turner Falls, OK with friends.
5/29: Middle sister graduates from high school
Interview with current employer for a position and turned down
J&J invite us to NJ for vacation in August

6/3: LC is home for the summer. YEAH! The next few weeks is full of parties, baseball games, and visits with friends and family.
6/19: J&J announce they are pregnant!

7/17: LC's going away party at Putt Putt
Offered position at my current job.

8/1: Put in my two weeks notice at my old job.
8/14: Start my new job.
8/19-8/26: Me and the hubby head to Philly & NJ with J&J for vacation!!!
8/31: R&C open their own restaurant!

My husband finds out about his new crappy work schedule
Work my first conference with the company
J&J find out they are having a BOY!
LC will be a big brother (prego mom)

10/8: Hubby starts new work shift - 2pm-11pm Sun-Thurs
10/31: Halloween with J&J and the kids

11/1: LC and his mom fly to Texas to find a new place to move to and we celebrate LC's birthday 11/3: LC's 6th Birthday!
11/5: LC goes back to Nebraska (temporarily!)
11/23: Thanksgiving with J&J

12/2: LC heads back to Texas
12/4: LC arrives to Texas safe and sound
12/11: LC starts new school
12/16: Begin Christmas shopping
12/22-12/25: Christmas celebrations with family and friends
12/31: Hubby worked til 7 - met me at J&J's and we were able to kiss at the stroke of midnight.

I must say I am happy to see '06 go. Time for another round of fresh starts and surprises that are in store. I hope 2007 is a better year with less negativity. I have learned that if you can't change a situation, change your attitude and I intend to try that this year.


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...but I have the need to blog right now. I really don't have much to post, but I guess if I had a friend here we would just be shootin the shit. Christmas was good. Santa treated us all well. It was a day of traveling and hanging with our neighbors for dinner and Wii. Now I am just trying to decide when to go to bed. We don't have LC this week so I will get an extra hour of sleep which I must say is very much needed. I still wish that he was hear. He left with his Mom this morning. It didn't feel like Christmas until I saw him opening his presents. And then the moment passed. So, tomorrow starts a new work week. Thankfully a short one, but lets hope that the stress is on winter break. I decided that sometime this week I am going to post my year in review due to the approach of 2007, so I hope that you are on the edge of your seats. It will probably not be as exciting but it seems like a fun thing for me to do since it will be yet another fresh start. Ok, I think I have relieved myself of the nervouse energy and will head off to bed now.

P.S. Girl! Thanks for all your wonderful comments. They brighten my day no matter how grey it gets. I hope that you and R had a very special and Merry Christmas.

Nighty Night!
- K
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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Merry Christmas!!! I can't believe that Christmas is about to come and go yet it doesn't even feel like it. When I was a kid, it was like I felt the feeling of Christmas the whole month of December. This year it's like any other day. I have had another hellacious week and frankly, I am ready for the holidays to be over. All I am looking forward to is seeing LC open his presents and my hubby too. So...my week in review:

Sunday - Finish the Christmas shopping. I needed to go to B&N to get some items for the in laws and when I leave what do I notice....oh the car is overheating....PERFECT!!! I swear I am cursed to have vehicles that have a mind of their own. I of course finished my errands then went to my mothers to get my car check out. It was the thermostat that was out. GREAT! At least the Christsmas shopping was just about complete.

Monday - work, work, work, yada yada - left work and my friend Cat came to visit...we had to go back to my moms because my step dad was going to fix my car. We visted with the parents for a while and my car was up and running in no time. We left, went and got some food then went back to my house to watch some videos on YouTube - I love that site.

Tuesday - more work...stayed late....go to the parking lot and my car wont start. DAMMIT!! Took the husband's truck to get home. Ahhh the benefits of working at the same place together. Proceeded to my next destination - J&J's - helped out with the kiddos and then went food shopping for the rest of the week and until we get paid again. It's Christmas time so of course things are tight. Woo! My hunny called and said that the car started and that he would be able to get home thank goodness and the car hasn't stalled since. Holding my breath til it happens again.

Wednesday - headache returns....LC and I get in a fight...crappy morning...long story....we are fine now...he is still adjusting to the move. Get to work...my boss makes me feel like shit and says that I don't have my work priorities straight, which I thought I did, but apparently I don't. Whatever...I will do what I need to do to get back in the good graces. I need this job and I can't afford to lose it...yet I would like to keep my dignity. Side note: ordered LC's santa gift online last saturday, and it is just now shipping...holding my breath that it will come in time for Christmas. LC stays over for the night, we hang out and get ready for the next day...he is out of school for the holidays and has a field trip to get ready for.

Thursday - feeling the trials and tribulations of the holidays....it's like everything has to happen all at once. So...LC wakes up...I take him to the living room to watch TV, take a shower come out to realize that there are red lines all over the TV. Can't do anything about it now...have to go to work. Get to work, I feel like I can't do anything right at my job, my boss has me make a list of the things that I am working on and then she wants to prioritize for the rest of the day. My husband calls...it will take $650 of money that we don't have to fix the tv. He asks me if I am ok because I sound down...I didn't even have to say anything and he rattled everything off that was bothering me. Once again I was holding my breath so that I don't have yet another crying fit in my cube at work, because I am afraid that my boss will see me and think that I am a cry baby. Only a few more hours and then I am off from Friday til Tuesday. Stayed at work til 11 nothing like quality time with your husband while he is at work, but at this point I will do anything. These are the moments that we will look back on when we are old.

Friday - doorbell rings at 6:30am on the dot...it's LC getting dropped off. I put him in front of the broken ass tube til the rest of the house gets up. Later my hubby awakes and my sister comes by so that he can finish his Christmas shopping. LC and I laid around for the majority of the day. I slept with one eye on him and the other asleep. They returned home a few hours later. We got the TV dilemma taken care of and a new one was to be delivered later that afternoon. Mom showed up later that day and we decided that we would do Christmas since that was going to be the only time to get everyone together. Still no package for LC...and now my hunny's system in his truck has gone out...one more item added to the shit list. That evening we went to my parents, exchanged gifts, had pizza and my sis Court came back to the house with us. Watched a movie and then she went home.

Saturday - the boys slept til 10, ate breakfast and then started the day...got phone calls from my mom and sisters and of course what is a Christmas without a family dispute. I wont go into details with the issues since it is a personal family matter but I hope that all the appropriate parties realize that there is nothing more precious than family even if there are serious flaws that can be overcome and that when it comes to family it is important to forgive and forget...once again I am holding my breath. I can't take sides - I have to be equal and treat both parties the same as I did before...with love and respect. However, I will devuldge nothing but honesty and my opinion (since I am entitled to it) when it comes to how I feel about the situation. I love you both and I hope that this blows over soon...there is nothing more important than family as it is a sacred gift to me. (end of depressing rant) That night we went to my dad's house for more Christmas celebration we exchange gifts, ate some steak and watched a movie. Somehow I manage to develop a fever...this time I was the one that was over heating. SideNote: The package for LC wont be delivered til 12/26 - go figure.

Sunday - LC wakes up a 6:30 ready to start the day and I am not....my hunny is asleep...and he needs it as he has to work. Holding my breath once again that he would be cut out early but - yes work on Christmas Eve til 11 in fact. Joy to the World. Later that afternoon we ran to Starbuck's to get some gift cards that I needed to pick up then went home to start baking cookies for Santa. Did the cookie thing...played with some of LC's new toys, then headed up to work to see my hunny and eat dinner with him since he wasn't going to be let out early. We hung out for about an hour, LC was bouncing off the walls so we left. It sucked that we had to leave with out my hubby...he was all by himself, but told me later that it made him really happy that we came up there. That made me happy. So LC and I took off and headed for some viewing of Christmas lights as I had promised. I was soo emotional...there is this one Kelly Clarkson Christmas song that always plays and it makes me cry...it's about a Christmas wish...I guess I secretly had a wish that we would all be together this Christmas, but the reality was that we weren't. Looked at the lights, LC was impressed and then fell asleep on the way home. We put out cookies and milk and then I put LC to bed so that Santa could come. ..and he has...no more cookies, no more milk and a tree full of presents.

Now - Since I started this post the hunny is home from work - I am blogging he is playing the 360..don't know what we are going to do next, but we both know that tomorrow is going to be a long day with an early start. Next week should be a good post. I hope that next week is better than this one, but like I have been saying...I am holding my breath. So I will end this now with a Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.
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Monday, December 18, 2006
Well well well...here I am again and there is so much to blog about. So for those that have been waiting for a belt busting post here goes....

LC came home for the weekend last week. It was wonderful..we made our rounds to his favorite peeps. Then LC, me and the hubby had a some quality time. Later we met up with J&J for some time to see Santa..(note picture below.) Yes we waited in line for 2 hours, but worth it. LC said that he would wait his whole life to sit in his lap. How could you say no to that.

Monday came quick and was the usual. I was waiting for a phone call that evening from LC's mom to give me instructions because as of right now LC will be going to school by our house. YEAH! So...Tuesday morning came quickly - I finished getting ready while he watched cartoons and ate his fruit loops out of the bag. Then it was time to get to school. I walked him inside so that I knew where his classroom was. Then took him to the cafeteria where they hold the kiddos til the bell rings. I had my first maternal moment, I bent down to give him a hug and kiss and he was too embarrassed. Now I know how my mom felt when I did it to her. Sorry mom :)
Wednesday morning was about the same except he was brave enough to go inside by himself, but I did get my hug and kiss before he g out of the car. I felt better. I would go on about the rest of my day at work, but who really wants to hear about that.

LC did come over on Wednesday night to keep me company since we now are on the regular schedule. We went to eat with my mom and sis then went home and he was able to experience the Wii. I must say I was impressed. He beat me a few times and totally kicked my ass at boxing.

Thursday uh...it wasn't friday and I had a headached that I was not able to shake. Soon Friday was here, and so was the migraine. I was sent home early and went straight to bed. After 4 hours of snooze time I awoke and the pain was gone. Guess you could say that I was exhausted considering I get about 5 hours of sleep now. Seeing LC in the morning is worth it.

Now for the weekend...the Christmas shopping was to commence and it did. I have just about everything purchased. A few small items left and everything that I have bought is wrapped thank goodness. Damn, I am tired from typing all this. Anyway..this is long and boring, but it has been my life for the past two weeks. I will catch up more later this week. Only a few more days til Santa comes. I cant wait. zzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz
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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baby Face LC with Santa Clause. It took two hours to get to him and was totally worth it!!!
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Sunday, December 03, 2006
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