Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Well today I celebrated my 23rd birthday. It was a different birthday. My job allows me to have the day off....which is a plus....but its lonely when all your peeps are at work. I woke up this morning surprise that I didnt get a phone call from either of my parents yet..of course my husband was singing to me this morning before we went to work....after I woke up my best friend called and told me happy birthday. That meant a lot. So I got up and got in the shower and got ready. I was going to meet my hubby for lunch. We met up around 11 and went to eat with some of our good friends J&J and then went back to their work...which is also where I used to work. I took the oppurtunity to see some old peeps and my best friend. It was a nice visit. I really wanted to see my old boss, but she was out sick. Afterwards, I went to the mall and got my wedding ring cleaned then went to my mother's house. We hung out for a little bit and she gave me my birthday present....she kept telling me that I could take it back if I didn't like it. Made me feel like crap, but she just wanted to make sure that she got me somethimg that I would love and I do so thank you to her. Now I am at home waiting for the hubby. We are suppose to go out to dinner and then I dont know what, but I know that we will have a good time. We always do. I had a free moment and wanted to blog since I rarely have time at work.

Other than today life is good. Just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I cant believe how quick this year has been. I am looking forward to several more. We went to WTF to celebrate. Other options on celebrating just didnt seem like something we would do. We went and visited C&R and they took us to breakfast the next day. Thank you to them. It was the best anniversary. I cant believe that me and the hubby have already been together for 3 years and married for 1. My how time flies.
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Monday, January 09, 2006
So I am back and I am starting this blog think all over.. First it started out as a weight loss log, then it turned in to a life journal and then a make shift gossip column...a few trickeled articles and then to nothing. So with the new year brings a new revamped on track blog.

I am still set on not being the fat wife. Of course I am still not at my target weight loss goal, but I can say that I have lost some weight...and I haven't gained anything back. Since September I think that it is safe to say that I have lost about 10 pounds. I am now out of the 150's. That is a huge accomplishment to me.

So today I started small. I have an addiction to caffine. I am just now realizing how much I realized on a soda to give me a kick start in the morning. I can't do that anymore. It's not healthy and it causes cottage cheese legs....I don't want that. I think I usually have about 3-4 sodas a day. I definately do not drink enough water like I used to. I went grocery shopping and bought healthy food and no soft drinks. I only had one soda today. That is a huge thing to me.

My goal....is small for now...I would like to see a difference by April. I will reward myself with tanning membership to get ready for the summer. Plus, I am celebrating my 23rd birthday and my 1st wedding anniversary. I have alot to show for and I want to look really good doing so.

I'll be back soon. Blog Hard!
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